Virtual Reality Engagement Lab

the novo nordisk foundation center for stem cell biology, DanStem [https://danstem.ku.dk/]

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Our expertise in imaging as well as in communication and public engagement provides a set-up for knowledge sharing and research-based dialogue between scientists and the public.

Research-based VR environment for educational and public engagement.

Multiple activities for microscopy-based VR engagement with stem cell biology

What we do

At the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Biology (DanStem) we use microscopy in our research projects and
generate large amounts of 3D images and movies of organs, tissues, and cells. At the same time, we
are actively engaging and communicating stem cell related topics to school children and the public.
The DanStem Virtual Reality Engagement Lab aims to establish scientific learning and exploration environments using
virtual reality (VR) technology.

VR is a rapidly developing field that provides an immersive and visual
environment, in which otherwise difficult-to-grasp concepts can be shown in an intuitive, exciting and
explorative manner. In this project, we select, label and prepare 3D scientific images and videos
of organs, tissues, and cells from our research, to make them available via the engagement lab’s VR
equipment. The project provides a meaningful direct and remote meeting space for
scientists and school children or other audiences. We make it easy to visually explore science and understand scientific concepts in cell biology.

Via different events and remote access, audiences can explore microscopic structures that were previously only
accessible to researchers.

VR Technology

In this project we are using arivis VisionVR software to display real image data in Virtual Reality (VR). The software allows the user to use the hands to move, rotate, scale, and shape scientific data, where a person’s hands can simply ‘touch’ the image in 3D.

Our scientists can track and identify different cell types and developmental features of
tissues and organs using advanced microscopy and image analysis. They can create real-life 3D landscapes of organisms, body parts and tissues and transform these images to VR via the VisionVR software.
The Virtual Reality Engagement Lab offers easy and lay access to virtual- and augmented-reality tools. Using bioimaging and microscopy images to allow researchers to visualize and share scientific imaging data and bring them “as close as you can get to touching” the cells. Our lab specialists select, label, and prepare scientific images to explain scientific concepts of stem cell biology to different audiences.

The software enables users to experience their 3D and 4D images in an immersive environment together, and work collaboratively with guests and students to explore the images.

Project team

  • Simone Wenkel, Research Coordinator
  • Naomi Dayan, Communication and PhD Coordinator
  • Mette Christine Jørgensen, Senior Scientist
  • Ivan Kulik, PhD Student
  • Amir Aslani, IT Expert
  • Henrik Semb, Professor and Executive Director

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